Due to the dynamic development of deck machinery sales NAVHYD.COM decided to offer to Our current and future customers the services in the current service, major repairs and renovations of the deck machinery based on the hydraulic systems, such as:

  • hydraulic loading cranes all types and producers
  • hydraulic and electric winches all types and producers (mooring, anchor, net, oceanographic, capstans)
  • boat launch systems (DAVIT)
  • electro-hydraulic units (HPUs)
  • other hydraulic systems
  • remote control systems for hydraulic devices

In addition, we supply spare parts for all of the above mentioned equipment, as well as repairs of hydraulic cylinders, slewing/rotation systems, reconstruction of rotation axis by milling / welding / milling and bushing, reconstruction of paint covers, replacement of hydraulic hoses rigid and flexible made of materials designed for use in aggressive environments.

Repairs can be made in the yard, where the work is carried out, in the port on the waterfront, as well as on the sea as far as possible. We have our own workshop where, after removing the damaged parts we repair them, then We instal on the device and starting up all the repaired machine.

Please feel invited to cooperate with Us, and all contact details You can find in the section CONTACTS.